I created my first Minecraft around 2010/2011 after I begin to first play the game back in 2009. I was lonely and so like with creating websites & forums back in the
day I got hooked on trying to create the best server I could. My first was basically a vanilla version & so early in Minecraft development I remember building portals but Notch hadn't made them work yet in multiplayer.

Fast forward over a decade later I now run a little server for myself and a couple of other people. I decided to start a new map in 2022 with all the recent updates to caves and stuff so that it could be part of the server without having to travel thousands of blocks out to try to generate new terrain.
While the server is modded it's more a few quality of life improvements. Such as no more pissy phantoms discriminating against you cause you have insomnia. A shop where you can buy and sell in the style of the creative mode so it's easy to find stuff. Set homes or places then teleport to them as you like. Teleport your friends or let them teleport to you. (If they or you accept the request) Many other things make life easier. Also blocking Microsoft's attempt at policing 3rd party servers by rendering their invasive report system unusable on the server.
The server is self-hosted by myself on a little Dell Optiplex machine with a 6th-gen i5, 16GB of memory (12GB dedicated to the server) and Samsing 250GB SDD cause companies who offer paid Minecraft servers are full of pretentious crap and are robbing you! I calculated my kind of server if rented would cost around 80 euros a month which is about the same as I pay a year to host my vairs websites.
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Last Updated: 26.9.2022