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Author Topic: Wolfj Minecraft Server Commands  (Read 70 times)

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Wolfj Minecraft Server Commands
« on: August 23, 2022, 05:28:24 AM »
All commands for players and staff are listed here

Level 0 Non-Member
(No Other Permissions & CAN NOT BUILD)

  • /rules (View Server Rules)
  • /motd (View Message Of The Day

Level 1 Member
(All Permissions from the previous level) (Keep EXP after you oof)

  • /homes (View Saved Homes) /home “name” (Allows to try to a specif saved home)
  • /sethome “name” (Creates a New Home) (limit of of 25)
  • /delhome “name” (Deletes One Of Your Saved Homes)
  • /msg “user” (Allows you to send a private message to a user)
  • /automsg toggle (Turn off the auto notices in the chat)
  • /afk (For when you need a break and let’s other members sleep Auto AFK after 15 minutes)
  • /balance (See your current balance)
  • /balancetop (See balance leader board)
  • /compass (Tells what point you looking at)
  • /depth (Tells you how many blocks above sea level you are)
  • /disposal or /trash (Don’t be animal, get rid of your trash like a responsible member of society)
  • /exp (Shows your current xp level and how much needed for your next level)
  • /getpos (Gives you your position)
  • /hat (Sets item in hand into head armour slot so you can look dumb)
  • /ignore “user“ (What it says on the tin)
  • /mail (Access to the mailing system inside the server, type only)
  • /mail to see commands)
  • /pay (Send payments for those pesky loan sharks)
  • /me “msg“ (For those OwO moments)
  • /recipe “item“ (When you just can’t remember and looking it up on the wiki is a lot of steps)
  • /sellall ( Warning sells everything in your inventory)
  • /sellall hand (Just what is in your hand no matter the stack)
  • /shop (Opens the shop (Can also sell there))
  • /tpa “user“ (Ask for a tp to a player NOTE you have to be standing still for 10 seconds or it cancels)
  • /tpacancel (Cancels the request for tp)
  • /tpdeny (Deny a tp request)
  • /tpahere (Request player to tp location you’re standing)

Level 2 Donator (All Permissions from previous level)
Donator isn't meant to give you any advantages as it's not a pay-to-win server.

Just if you wanna support the server and grant you a 5% discount off prices in the server item shop.

(Bonk Bone is just a dumb joke)

  • /kit bonebonk (Gives you the bonk bone from the welcome kit new players get. One time use every 68 years or so)
  • /sethome (Limit of 50)
  • /repair (Repair Items In Your Hand. Doesn't repair enchanted items.)
  • /workbench (Allows you to use workbench without having one)
  • /cartographytable (Allows you to use a Cartography table without having one)
  • /grindstone (Allows you to use Grindstone without having one)
  • /loom (Allows you to use a Loom without having one)
  • /smithingtable (Allows you to use a Smithing table without having one)
  • /stonecutter (Allows you to use a Stonecutter without having one)
  • /nick (Choose a custom nickname)

Level 2.5 Veteran
(All Permissions from the previous level - 20% Discount on server item shop)

  • /sethome (Limit of 100)
  • /ec (Access Ender Chest For Extra Secure Storage)
  • /repair (Repair Items In Your Hand. Does repair enchanted items.)
  • /back (Allows to Teleport Back To Place Of Death)

Level 3 Mod
(All Permissions from the previous level) Exempted from being ignored, unlimited caffeine

  • /mute (Can mute a player up to 24 hours)
  • /kick (Kick a player)
  • /tempban (Can temp ban a player up to 24 hours)
  • /helpop “message” (Staff only chat)
  • /jail (TPs and jails player)
  • /list (Lists online players)
  • /near (Lists nearby players)

Level 4 Admin
(All Permissions from the previous level)
Exempted from being muted, kicked - kick all - afk kick, banned, spy, command cooldowns, jailed, seen on /near, trigger alerts. Access to /mail sendall (send mail to all users online and offline), no radius on /near, send msg even when player has it disabled, will get trigger alert messages

  • /mute (Can mute for up to a 1 year or permanently, mute offline players)
  • /tempban (Can temp ban up to 1 year and temp ban offline players)
  • /ban (Can permanently ban players or ban offline players)
  • /afk “user” (Can force other players into afk, handy when others want to sleep)
  • /balance “user” (See balance of other players)
  • /ec “user” (View another players enderchest)
  • /ext (No more burn burn)
  • /feed or /feed “user” (Nom nom)
  • /fireball (Allows to fire an egg, snowball, xp bottle)
  • /getpos “user” (Get the position of a user)
  • /heal (Heal yourself or player)
  • /invsee “user” – /invsee “user” armor (Lets you peak into other players inventory and equipped slots)
  • /realname (Checks the players nickname for the real username)
  • /weather (Change server weather currently useless)
  • /whois “user” (View player info)
  • /spawn (Go to spawn)

Level 5 Head Admin
(All Permissions from previous level & exempts)
Can modify players inventory, equipped items and enderchests, see hidden players, can modify shop, can see IP on /whois

  • /kickall (Can kick all players from the server)
  • /banip (Allows banning of an IP address)
  • /unbanip (Allows un-banning of an IP address)
  • /unban (Allows to unban a player)
  • /seen “user” (See why user was banned and users UUID)
  • /antioch (Spawns live TNT)
  • /back (Takes you back to place you TPed from)
  • /balancetop force (Forces top balance list to update)
  • /bigtree or /tree (Does what it says on the tin)
  • /book (Allows changing of writable books, author, title, unsign etc)
  • /break (Breaks block in front including bedrock)
  • /broadcast “message” (Broadcast message to server)
  • /burn “player” “seconds” (Burn baby burn :mcfire: )
  • /clearinventory (Wiped a players inventory)
  • /createkit (Allows you to create a kit)
  • /delkit (Allows you to delete a kit)
  • /kitrest (Reset kit cooldown)
  • /kitrest “user” (Reset a users kit cooldown)
  • /eco (Manage the server economy. Type comment to find out more info)
  • /enchant (Allows you to enchant the item in your hand)
  • /exp (Can give xp or set players xp level)
  • /fly (Up up and away )
  • /give (Give user an item)
  • /home “user” (Teleport to a users home)
  • /item (Basically give command w/o “user”)
  • /jails (Lists jails)
  • /dejail (Removes a jail)
  • /setjail (Sets a jail DUH)
  • /jump (Teleports you to where you look)
  • /lighting (But there’s no rain) /more (When you want moar of something)
  • /pweather “user” (Change the weather client side)
  • /potion (I’ll get you my pretty and your little dog too)
  • /rest (Sleep is for the weak)
  • /skull (Get lots of head)
  • /spawner (Change a spawner)
  • /spawnmob (Does what it says on the tin)
  • /time (Change time)
  • /top (TP to the highest block)
  • /god (Morgan Freeman Mode)

Level 6 Owner
(All permissions)

  • /seen (See ban reason, IP address, Location, Alt accounts,)
  • /essentials (For managing Essentials)
  • /gc (Server Info)
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