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Author Topic: Donator (Level 2)  (Read 56 times)

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Donator (Level 2)
« on: August 24, 2022, 07:14:46 AM »
This topic lists the benefits of the Donator rank in the Minecraft server.

Once again donations are always optional and will never be asked for. You find out how to donate here.

Donator rank in the server grants you 50 sethome points compared to 25 for regular players and a 5% discount in the server shop. Discounted prices are showed once you click on item and are on the buy page, they always show a full price when you browse though.

Quote from: From Command List

Level 2 Donator (All Permissions from previous level)
Donator isn't meant to give you any advantages as it's not a pay-to-win server.

Just if you wanna support the server and grant you a 5% discount off prices in the server item shop.

(Bonk Bone is just a dumb joke)

  • /kit bonebonk (Gives you the bonk bone from the welcome kit new players get. One time use every 68 years or so)
  • /sethome (Limit of 50)
  • /repair (Repair Items In Your Hand. Doesn't repair enchanted items.)
  • /workbench (Allows you to use workbench without having one)
  • /cartographytable (Allows you to use a Cartography table without having one)
  • /grindstone (Allows you to use Grindstone without having one)
  • /loom (Allows you to use a Loom without having one)
  • /smithingtable (Allows you to use a Smithing table without having one)
  • /stonecutter (Allows you to use a Stonecutter without having one)
  • /nick (Choose a custom nickname)

View the full command list here

Again this is fully optional and never asked for. Your support and or donations go to pay for the servers that keep this community online not me or anyone else. We are forever grateful to anyone who supports this little community and forever grateful. If you have any questions please message please post in the support board
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