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Author Topic: Using Attachments  (Read 82 times)

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Using Attachments
« on: August 23, 2022, 03:17:17 AM »
Want to share a screenshot or a photo then using the attachment system is for you. Even MP4 videos or MP3 audio files MP3 files only work in the attachments box not in the topic message itself.

When you post a new topic or a post you'll see under the post options something called "Attach". Here you can attach up to six photos or files up to 10MB each for a total of 60MB.

When you attach a file you'll see next to it "(Insert Attachment #)". Pressing this will give you
Code: [Select]
[attachment=0,msg24] into your post. It's that easy, now you can move it wherever in your post or insert it inside another BBCode to either move position or change size. The forum restricts images to 480p res to keep loading times down and not to post oversized pictures.

If you don't insert your attachment it will stay under the post in the attachment section which you view as a thumbnail. You can edit your post anytime to add the attachment to your post. Or remove the attachment BBCode from your post and it will return to a thumbnail below. Once you edit you're even given the option to rotate. Once you edit you're even given the option to rotate. If you want to remove it compactly just untick the attachment and save then edit it to re-upload anything else.

Along with images, this code will also insert MP4 videos into your posts too.

I will insert the same image twice but into this post below this sentence and one as a thumbnail.

  [ You are not allowed to view this attachment ]  

  [ You are not allowed to view this attachment ]  

There is no limit to what you can attach but please keep your files safe and don't upload anything that could harm another user. [For demo reasons I've uploaded the photo and the video twice so you can see it in the topic and the attachment area below. You'd never normally see it twice unless you upload it twice.]
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