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Author Topic: Setting up your Forum Profile  (Read 84 times)

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Setting up your Forum Profile
« on: August 23, 2022, 03:05:04 AM »
Wanna look fancy on the forum then let's get your profile set up!

Hover your mouse to "Profile" on the navigation bar then go down and select "Forum Profile" Here you can start setting up your profile.

First is your "Personalised Picture aka Profile Picture". Click on "Upload an avatar" then browse for your picture. The forum shrinks images down to 200 x 150px.

"Personal Text" this a where you can impute a line of words or a single word which will show on post view under your reputation.

"Date of Birth" which I hope you know what this means but simply used the drop downs to select your date of birth.

"Location" which again is just type your location which will show on just your profile.

"Country" which you would have selected when you Registered but you change if you move. This shows on post view too.

"Gender" which again is an easy one, just check inside your pants if you're confused about which one to choose. This shows on post view too.

"Xbox Live", "PSN" & "Steam ID" again simple enough just add your gamer tags in their. This shows on post view too.

"Signature" as it states displayed at the bottom of each forum post or topic you make. Don't go too crazy but you have a maximum number of characters of 500 with an image size limit or 500 x 100px. If it's bigger the forum will just add onto the BBCode a size restriction.  BBCode help can be found here (Add link later)
Last is to post your own "Website Title" & "Website URL" or whatever profile link you like.

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