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Author Topic: Support the Forum  (Read 175 times)

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Support the Forum
« on: August 24, 2022, 06:22:13 AM »
I'd like to start this topic off by stating that this forum and our Minecraft will always be 100% free. Donations or subscriptions will always be optional. This will never change and there will never be any pressure to support this community. Now that I've explained, I will explain how you can help the community.

There are two types of ways to support the community. Either with a Donation or a Subscription .

Donations are one-time donations of 5Euros which will you earn the Donator role both on the forum and on the Minecraft server (Level 2). Minecraft server information can be found here.

You can donate using the button here: or by scanning this QR code for mobile.

Once you donate please message an admin or send an email to admin@wolfj.net with your Paypal transaction ID and Forum username then your role can be updated manually

Subscriptions are monthly donations of 5Euros which you can order through the Forum itself by click Profile then near the top left you'll see Actions hover over that then click on Paid Subscriptions or use the link here. You can cancel at any time and once you cancel the subscription you'll be automatically moved down to a Donator rank.

Donations and Subscription payments all go through PayPal and are fully secure along with the Forum itself.

Again this is fully optional and never asked for. Your support and or donations go to pay for the servers that keep this community online not me or anyone else. We are forever grateful to anyone who supports this little community and forever grateful.

If you have any issues with payments or questions please send us an email over at admin@wolfj.net and will respond as soon as we can.

Also please be aware we don't offer refunds except in exceptional cases.
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