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Author Topic: Understanding BBCode  (Read 165 times)

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Understanding BBCode
« on: August 24, 2022, 02:20:46 AM »
BBCode ("Bulletin Board Code") is a lightweight markup language used to format messages in much Internet forum software, first introduced in 1998. The available "tags" of BBCode are usually indicated by square brackets ([ and ]) surrounding a keyword, and are parsed before being translated into HTML.

Bulletin Board Code can be used to add markup to forum messages. For example, to highlight the word 'house' you can type house. All Bulletin Board Code tags are surrounded by square brackets ('[' and ']').

So let's go through the BBCode available for you to use on this forum as you see another new topic line by line. You can either type it or press the buttons above.

Code: (Bold) [Select]
[b][/b]Makes your text bold

Code: (Italics) [Select]
[i][/i]Makes your text italics

Code: (Underlined) [Select]
[u][/u]Makes your text underlined

Code: (Strikethrough) [Select]
[s][/s]Makes your text Strikethrough

Code: (Align Left) [Select]
[left][/left]Makes your text align to the left

Code: (Align Center) [Select]
[center][/center]Makes your text align to the center

Code: (Align Right) [Select]
[right][/right]Makes your text align to the right

Code: (Font Faces) [Select]
[font=arial black][/font]
[font=times new roman][/font]
[font=andale mono][/font]
[font=trebuchet ms][/font]
[font=comic sans ms][/font]
Font Faces to style your text
Arial Black
Times New Roman
Andale Mono
Trebuchet MS
Comic Sans MS

Code: (Font sizes) [Select]
Font sizes (These are just preset on the forum but you can enter your own numbers to try other sizes)

Code: (Color) [Select]
Change the colour of texts (Use color in your code, not colour)

Code: (img) [Select]
[img][/img] With a link [img]https://www.wolfj.net/wolf/ForumSig1.png[/img]Embeds an image into your topic or post

Code: (url) [Select]
[url][/url] With a link [url=https://www.wolfj.net]Wolfj Forum[/url]Add a hyperlink like this Wolfj Forum

Code: (Glow) [Select]
[glow=red,2,300][/glow]Make your text Glow. Default is red colour but you can use colours above just replacing red with green or pink or whatever you like

Code: (Shadow) [Select]
[shadow=red,left][/shadow]Add a Shadow to your text. Default is red colour but you can use colours above just replacing red with green or pink or whatever you like. Same with the left you change it to center or right.

Code: (Move) [Select]
[move][/move]Make your text Move
Code: (Tabel) [Select]
Create a table
Test | Test | Test
Test | Test | Test

Code: (Code) [Select]
code /code or code=Text /codeHow to add the code like I've been doing this whole topic. Don't forget the square brackets,  either use code at the start code=Text to add text in brackets for the code box.

Code: (Quote) [Select]
[quote][/quote] or [quote=Quote][/quote]
Quote from: Quote
Add a quote like the text to your topic or post
When replying to a topic you can quote the text using a button at the top of the topic or quote a post on a topic which will open the reply screen with the topic or post quoted in.

Code: (List) [Select]
Create an unordered list
  • This is one
  • This is two

Code: (Ordered list) [Select]
[list type=decimal]
    Create an ordered list
    • This is one
    • This is two

Code: (Horizontal Rule) [Select]
[hr]Add a Horizontal Rule across the topic or post

Code: (Spoliler) [Select]
[spoiler][/spoiler] or [spoiler=Spolier][/spoiler]
Add a Spoiler with this

Add a Spotify song or playlist using this tag. On a song or playlist click the three dots then go to "Share" then "Copy Song or Playlist Link"

Or a song

Code: (YouTube) [Select]
[youtube][/youtube]Add a YouTube video or playlist

The last two buttons are not BBCode. The first removes any BBCode from the highlighted text in the topic or post and the second "Toggle View" changes the text box background to white.
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