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Title: [OFFICIAL] Forum Rules
Post by: Wolf on August 23, 2022, 02:44:08 AM
This is the official rules for the Wolfj forums

General Beheiver: Be respectful and courteous to all members of this forum. Disagreements and differences of opinion are okay so long as you do it respectfully. You're not allowed to attack, degrade, insult or belittle other members of this forum. Be kind and don't be a dick.

Spamming: Do not spam, advertise or self-promote yourself in the forums. Don't post content just for the sake of increasing the post account or posting one-worded responses. Your posts might be deleted or locked in it's considered spam. No advertising or self-promotes also extend to avatars, signatures and private messages

NSFW Content: NSFW content such as indecent images, links or messages is not allowed and doing so will risk receiving a 31-day ban if not longer. This also extends to avatars, signatures and private messages. Along with posting 18+ mods on the medications boards.

Bad Words: While a bit of swearing isn't to bad plus don't be abusive or post anything that you're Granma shouldn't see. We do have some filters in place and attempting to evade these filters will end up with a warning.

Multiple Accounts: Multiple accounts are not permitted. We don't allow name changes of accounts either but if you would like your display name changed then message an admin. If you share a PC or the same internet connection with someone then you must inform an admin about this.

Respect Staff: Staff are here to keep the boat floating and in tip-top order. Please respect them and they will respect you. Their word is final and you must follow what they ask you to do. Also don't privately message staff for support, use the support boards as you'll get a quicker response. If you have issues with staff please message the forum owner

Discussion of Banned Members: People are not banned lightly here but if someone is please don't make topics or posts asking why someone was banned. You won't get a response and you might face a warning.

English Only: While it's great to learn and hear other languages this Forum is English only so use English when posting topics or responses in the forum. Private messages don't have to be in English.

Bumping: This is only a small forum so don't spam or bump your topic or post hoping for a quicker response. Just wait and someone will respond when they have time.

Reporting: If you have any issues with anyone breaking these rules then please use the report button on either topic, posts or private messages and a member of staff will look into it and deal with the issue along with taking any appropriate action.

We reserve the right to update this at any time and or modify it. Thank you for reading and stay safe!