What is this website and why is it here?

This website in short is what I’ve code-named my final project or the final website that I’ll personally make. I’ve uploaded content onto the Internet since 2007 from GTA videos to tech videos and even recorded Flash games using Camtasia Studio on YouTube in the early days of the site. Times weren’t any easier back then but they were simpler. While my old channel no longer exists after I nuked all my online content a couple of years back due to a mental breakdown and not wanting to clutter the internet with my bullshit, I’ve decided to come back to just making random videos again because there was a time when making videos or uploading stuff on the internet was just fun rather than seeing how many views you could get or how much drama you could stir up. While I understand I’m stuck in the past, it’s just honestly a more enjoyable time and that’s why I want to go back, even if the videos get no views it doesn’t matter to me, I just enjoy the process of recording, editing and uploading. It helps me escape life & I hope it does the same for my viewers even just for 10 minutes. Also, I don't include ads in my videos!

I created this website mainly as a dump for my stuff from videos, screenshots or old photography work. Along with posts of me rambling about stuff that matters to me or I just feel like writing about. I also spend a decent amount of time when I play games achievement hunting which I’ll also post about along with the information I found useful when attempting to unlock the more difficult achievements. Again, it’s just stuff that I’ll mostly only be able to understand but I enjoy blogging. The forum is where you'll find the main community I'm building and a place where others can post content too. This site will never get finished LOL!

  I personally think social media is just the biggest tax one can have on their mental health and that’s why I decide not to use it. I’d rather have my own space that I can control and not worry about some big company illegally stealing and selling my data. The toxicity of other people on social media is also a big deterrent too. I have a Twitter account but that's just to promote videos. I don't follow anyone or like anything on there as you can see!

This is all I’ll right for now as I’ll add more but the too long didn’t read here is I’m just a random on the internet who carved out their own little tiny slice of the internet.

Thanks for reading.
 CHOMP Last Updated: 26.9.2022