I don't know how you found my little strange corner of the internet but welcome and come on in, get comfy. There isn't much here yet apart from someone who drinks coffee at 4 AM & rambles on with about as much organization as a room full of unsupervised toddlers with fireworks & a box of matches.

I just enjoy creating let's play of the games I enjoy whether vanilla or modded. After deleting everything a couple of years back I want to start uploading again & recreate all my old videos. I do this as a way to escape life & I hope my videos can help give you that too even if just for 10 minutes. I don't put ads on my videos as I'm just here to enjoy myself and create content for anyone who's willing to watch.
If you like to know more just read the About page!
I created a community forum to provide a place for others to post their content & a nice relaxed safe space. I never felt like I fit in anywhere else so that's why I created this community. Everyone is welcome so long as you follow the rules!

I'll be adding stuff like my game achievement lists along with bits of photography/screenshots later down the road but for now, this is my website or blog. A forever work in progress! lol
GTA San Legosi 1
Last Updated: 26.9.2022